Excellent article in LA Times on talent agent Sam Gores of Paradigm

Years ago, probably in the early ’90′s, an old friend of mine, Tex Beha, one of the classiest agents in the business and partner in the very successful New York talent agency, S T E merged her agency with Gores/Fields, another prominent boutique talent agency in Los Angeles I knew great things would happen for both agencies. In an article from the LA Times, written on the 21st of August, author Claire Hoffman, a Times Staff Writer has written an excellent article on Sam Gores, the principle of the merged agencies, Gore/Fields and STE, now called “Paradigm”.

Claire goes on to write about Laurence Fishburne relationship with Paradigm and Sam Gores…..

“He is the most un-agent-like agent in the business because he’s a human being first,” said actor and longtime Paradigm client Laurence Fishburne. “Sam is working for me in ways that I have no idea about until it happens.”

Gores is one of a trio of high-achieving brothers making their mark in Southern California. Alec, 53, is the founder of Gores Technology Group and estimated by Forbes magazine to be worth $1.2 billion. Financier Tom, 41, heads Platinum Equity and has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion.

Longtime client Andy Garcia once confided in Gores his 16-year dream to make a movie about his Cuban homeland. When the idea failed to garner interest from studios, Gores arranged for the actor to play golf with brother Tom. During a single game, Tom Gores decided to write Garcia a check to make “The Lost City,” released this year

See the entire article on Sam and Paradigm at the Los Angeles Times

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